Equity Management for Teams on Ethereum

Build your company by sharing value with those who create value. Quidli enables you to issue real equity on security tokens to use as incentives in more dynamic work-for-equity plans.

The future of work is sharing more value with your team

Built for companies of tomorrow

As businesses lean into building deeper relationships with participants and stakeholders beyond full-time employees, they're looking for ways to reward and incentivize those groups. Quidli makes it possible for them to do this using equity.

Accessible & transparent

Decentralization enables greater transparency which can help align company vision, management goals, and team expectations. Quidli offers your team a clear, transparent interface for their holdings, and respective rules and restrictions in a non-custodial way.

Greater inclusivity

Quidli enables programmable employee equity. With customized rights and restrictions, you can expand the definition of employee equity to include anyone who helps drive your business as on your team - customers, business partners, community members, etc.

Freedom from middlemen

Standard agreements and contracts can be spun out in a matter of clicks without necessarily requiring costly professional services. Quidli can help take care of the legal and financial complexities involved in the employee equity plans of private companies.

Manage your team's equity in one convenient interface

See how easy we've made the experience by exploring the Quidli employee cap table

Easy & secure equity transfers

Digital equity on blockchain

Quidli uses the blockchain as a distributed ledger for employe equity. Any transfers approved & executed are directly updated with little room for errors.

Smart, programmable equity

Rules & restrictions can be programmed directly into tokens so that relevant regulations are automatically applied to transfers without external intervention.

Simplified management

Legally binding contracts & documents associated to every share are securely stored & easily accessible by the authorized parties as is necessary.


You'll never find simpler or cheaper. It's a no-brainer.


for companies with 5 shareholders or less.


per user/month for companies with more than 5 shareholders


“Quidli is a great project that enables dynamic equity distribution that focuses on improving the way companies share equity with their employees.”

Joe Lubin
Founder @ ConsenSys
Co-founder @ Ethereum

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